DevOps – Need of the Hour !!!

Until 2018, it made a lot of sense when people would say – “DevOps isn’t a Mandatory Setup for all Organizations”. Since early 2019, the Organizations have started moving to a robust solution which would involve less human dependency and more reliability. This further led rise in demand of DevOps & SRE Resources. And we all witnessed the Pandemic situation in 2020 and it goes without saying that we are only going to see and exponential curve for the Cultural Shift to DevOps.

Excel is the hands down biggest AF competitor for any CRM and a roadblock, but now is the time Companies have started to accept the transformation from excel to suitable solution involving fewer human errors. Here are few reasons why any Organization with a CRM Implementation should move to a DevOps Solution:

  1. Source of Truth – If you have a Cloud based CRM Implementation, it’s definitely wise to strategize the Source of Truth within your visibility & Control.

This not only makes the logging of changes more transparent but also gives you control over your own Development Lifecycle Strategy. This is one of the most significant factors why a Company should adopt to a DevOps Solution.

  1. Agile Process: With the increasing market demands Organizations are not able to hold the Customers’ needs as per Waterfall timelines which still has its own space and needs specific to a Project Type. Enterprises have started to shift to Agile Frameworks with an incremental Product Delivery to market to continuously improve their Product Features and to keep Customer’s Interest. To meet the fast-paced Product to Market Lifecycle it makes it essential to implement an autonomous deployment Framework which eases and facilitate meeting the Company’s Standards.
  2. Delivery Governance: Over time Companies expand their Product either vertically or Horizontally. This expansion brings in an increase in Count Head for their Delivery teams and it gets very difficult to abide by already setup Processes. It’s essential to revamp the Delivery Governance Process and a Body to recommend/establish Best Practices for any Software Development Lifecycle and Monitoring. Without a Governance Process bordering your Delivery, sooner or later the Pyramid will Collapse.
  3. Diversity: We have seen that leaders are now moving to establish diversities in the teams and its one of the major Building Blocks of an open and a Transparent Organization due to already established theories of getting varied perspectives over a Single Solution. but it’s essential to Organize the thought Processing, Sort & fine tune to meet the Solution and then channelize it to fit the actual demand.
  4. Multiple Projects: When you have multiple Project running in for the same enterprise impacting the One Product, it makes it a mandate to plan their operation, merging & maintenance eventually. DevOps not only helps to Strategize Operation but also a Correct DevOps Solution will take care of the maintenance and Change Processes post Merge.
  1. Increasing Implementations of I/P/S/C – aaS: Migrating to Cloud has been a major trigger point to Implement DevOps for an Organization. This Change is sometimes overwhelming for Organizations who are new to Cloud Foundations and are planning their way ahead. It Important to plan such activities way ahead of time and Project the Roadmap ahead.


The List is endless & the fact stays the same – DevOps is the need for the Hour.

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